Did you know a trained dog is a happy dog and the bond loyalty respect and love is much stronger once you become the pack leader.Also having your pet trained earlier in life you will avoid unwanted behavior.Becoming the pack leader will relieve your pet of stress which can cause anxiety which causes behaviour problems there for he or she will become more relaxed in there every day life.

Did you know once you have started basic training with you pet it makes it much easier to teach them basic rules that suit your lifestyle and what is acceptable and not acceptable behaviour.Your new pet must be taught to fit into your lifestyle.For example toilet training.

Did you know  Dogs do not understand English or any other human language

Dogs do not understand English or any other human-created language. They do understand words (or rather sounds) in any language. After hearing the sound”sit” many times, the dog associates it with a behavior and with some consequences and praise will end up sitting more often than not when it hears that sound.