Cat Boarding

Our fully enclosed Air-conditioned cat condominium consists of 16 units 1.5m long, 1m wide and 2m high.

Each area is fully carpeted and gives the affect of a home environment to help settle your pet in with us. Each unit consists of a timber sleeping hut with rest area above and includes two scratch posts lined with carpet.

All cats staying with us have their own individual run time in our enclosed area. Soft music is also played throughout the cattery for your cat’s comfort.


We cater for all cat needs all special diets can be given by staff at no extra charge.

For the adult cat we feed a well-balanced diet with all the necessary nutrition, our wet food is Scotty’s super cat pet mince, Whiskas or Dine. Dry food is Whiskas go-cat or kitty-cat, all kittens are catered for. As cats are grazers we feed meat as a first meal, bowls are then cleaned and dry food is left for them for the rest of the day.


The cat units are vacuumed, moped and disinfected three times daily, all kitty litters are also changed twice daily, carpet inside of huts are powdered with an anti bacterial substance and all water and feed bowls are disinfected daily.


All pets must be fully vaccinated feline 3 excepted, kennel management must sight vaccination certificate on pets entry. Coltrandi has a 24 hr vet on call, pets that are not vaccinated or appear to have any cough or ill health symptoms will not be excepted for entry into our board kennels unless cleared by a veterinary.


All medications are given by management. Pets requiring medical treatment may lead to extra daily charges.


Coltrandi has a 24hr, 7 days a week vet on call if at any tie your pet should need emergency or professional medical attention during their stay with us.

Attention to Management

Any pets that have specific problems such as: fitting arthritis, muscle or bone problems injuries, allergies or eating disorders, etc we would appreciate details on the time of booking, we then can cater to your pets needs so there stay with us is calm and pleasant and safe for all.