Dog Boarding

Our modern complex consists of 40 fully enclosed dog units with inside and outside quarters. Individual grass run areas and two yard size areas are used for group runs and long term pets.

Each unit is tiled with industrial tiles and finished with antibacterial grouting. These units are equipped with vinyl  bedding and stainless steel water bowls for hygiene. Soft relaxing music is piped throughout the kennel complex for your dog’s comfort.


We cater for all Dogs dietary needs at no extra charge. (Double feeding excepted)

We supply a fresh and nutritious diet with wet food supplied by Scotties Premium Pet Foods. Chicken, Meat and Veggie or Pro Peak loaf varieties have all the necessary nutrients your pet requires for a good healthy meal. We also have fresh mince supplied by our local butcher.

Dry food provided is SUPER COAT or  Scotties Premium Pet Food.  These products are naturally healthy and contain no preservatives or artificial colouring. All meals consist of wet and dry food mixed together and feed fresh daily.


All pets staying with us receive a hydro-bath on entry to ensure that our kennels remain hygienic and free of any parasites. On departure all dogs receive a hydro-bath and Long term visitors receive a bath every 10-14 days. The kennel units are cleaned and disinfected 3 times per day, morning, midday and evening. Food and water bowls are also disinfected daily to ensure there is no chance of disease or infection carried through the kennels. All pets are moved to a dry area in an outside run when kennels are being hosed to keep pets dry at all times.


All pets must be fully vaccinated with vaccination effective a minimum of 10 days prior to entry. C4 or C5 vaccinations are accepted. Kennel management must sight a current vaccination certificate on pet’s entry. UNVACCINATED DOGS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED – NO EXCEPTIONS. Pets that show signs of illness may also require a vet check prior to entry. Coltrandi also has a 24 hr vet on call for your peace of mind.


All medications are given by management. Pets requiring medical treatment may incurr extra daily charges.


Coltrandi has a 24hr 7 days a week vet on call should your pet need emergency or professional medical attention during there stay with us.

Things You Must Let Us Know

For pets with specific problems such as:- animal or human aggression, fence jumping, escaping, property destruction seizures, arthritis, muscle or bone problems, allergies, eating disorders or any other injuries, etc we would appreciate details at the time of booking. This will enable us to cater to your pets needs and ensure their stay with us is as comfortable and pleasant as possible.