Meet the Staff


Col Wilson



Col has worked with animals for over 32 years. He started in 1986, working with a
former New Zealand police dog handler and instructor for about four years. Col has also worked with a former Australian army dog handler and instructor, where he gained knowledge in different training techniques.Attending many different dog training exhibitions and lectures, with the Australian air force and the Queensland Police Dog unit, Col has rounded out his skill and knowledge in animal
Psychology, behaviour and training techniques.In the process of training in excess of 17,000 dogs and handlers, Col has developed his own methods of training, taking the best from each method and combining it with his own style of training. The response from the methods he uses is well respected and is now used by other dog trainers and handlers in South East Queensland as a humane and positive form of training and behaviour modification.Col has also worked as a dog handler and conducted lectures for security organisations in dog handling, training and crowd control. Col has also trained dogs for Warner Brothers Movie World on the Gold Coast, Australia Zoo and for Japanese Television. He has supplied manageable and predictable protection dogs for overseas companies and many security companies within Australia, as well as companion dogs for the general public. Trailing is also an area where Col has tasted success, with many of his entries taking out first place in their class and also winning the overall titles.Col has a vast experience in all the aspects of protection, obedience, man trailing, scent discrimination and agility training.

Lateesha Murray


Latisha  is one of our Experienced  members, and has been with Coltrandi for 10 years her love and care for animals is next to none.Latisha’s ability to communicate and bond with all pets is incredible, her role is cleaning /feeding /Bathing/ Private lesson / Hydrobathing/ Massages/office medicating and walking pets and general health checks

Haley Hennig


Haley is another asset to Coltrandi
brings many skills to the Coltrandi team and has a soft spot for every pet staying with us.
Carries out the duty of Kennel assistant d vet Nurse /Grooming /pet massages/pet walks /and office duties.
Care and dedication to the animals makes her a  great asset to coltrandi.


Shane Wallace

Shane is one of our newest members and is in the process of becoming a Dog trainer /instructor  ,Shane has the love and dedication to all pets, Shane has the  ability to communicate and bond with all pets Shane carries out the duties of Kennel assistant dog training / cleaning /feeding /Bathing/ Hydrobathing/ Massages/office/ medicating and walking pets and general health checks.

Shivanna Murray


Shavanna  is one of our youngest  members,  her love and care for animals is next to none. Shavana has  theability to communicate and bond with all pets is incredible, her role is cleaning /feeding /Bathing/ Hydrobathing/ Massages/office medicating and walking pets and general health checks.

Mike Murray


Mike joined Coltrandi in 1989 and is one of the foundation team members. He is an Instructor Trainer  at Coltrandi and looks after the clients who choose to have their dogs trained by Coltrandi in the Boarding & Training program.Mike also runs the private tuition class.

Whilst he usually deals with the “Boarder Trainer Clients” Mike also has the skills and knowledge in ground up dog training and behaviour modification. With a keen eye for animal behaviour, Mike is able to help clients change their habits to ensure that they obtain and maintain the most benefit from having a manageable, well trained companion. Mike has a unique manner of teaching dog owners how to deal with their K9 partner, where he makes it fun and rewarding for both animal and handler.

To date Mike has trained 1000’s of dogs and handlers in all aspects of dog training. Tracking and man trailing are also areas where Mike has a high level of experience, learning this aspect of training from Col and his former K9 partner Khrista.

Advanced obedience classes including agility work food refusal, retrieving and dog tricks are a few of Mike’s specialists. Mike also has 27 years experience in protection training in the areas of Guard Dog, Personal & Property Protection and was himself a security guard working with a K9 partner.