Frequently Asked Questions

A list of regularly asked questions about your pet’s training and boarding visits to Coltrandi Pet Boarding and Training Centre.

Can I pick up or drop off my dog after hours?

All dogs staying with us must be in or out during specified hours, as kennel facilities do also come under the same council noise restriction rules as domestic properties.

Can I see my dog while it is getting trained, or boarding in the kennels?

Yes, you can arrange an appointment to come out and watch your dog being trained, but the dog can’t see you. With live-in training we bond with the dog in the first 2 days, and if the dog sees you during its training, it would send their training back two or three days while we rebond with them.

Can my cat escape from the Cattery?

The Cattery is fully enclosed and all doors are closed at all times. All units are also fully enclosed.

Can we bring the dogs toys, bedding and food?

We do supply all bedding food and toys, but if you wish you can bring your own dog’s toys, bedding or special food. Please note however that we can’t accept any meat bones as they can cause odours and disease by lying in the kennel all day.

Do I need fences for my dog?

To have a protection dog or even a pet on your property, your yard must have fully enclosed so the dog can’t get out – if your pet should cause an accident while roaming, you are liable. With a trained protection dog or a dog that bites, warning signs must be displayed on the fencing. You must also give people a way to contact you. A mobile phone number or buzzer at your front gate is sufficient, however if people can enter your front yard it would be advisable to have your front gates padlocked at all times.

How and when can I pay?

We accept cheques, credit card or cash. Please note that if paying by cheque, it must be cleared by the time the dog goes home. All dogs must be fully paid for on departure. Christmas bookings do require a deposit by the end of October.

How much attention does my cat get whilst boarding?

The cats are let out into the run three time a day while we clean the units. We also have young students learning animal management who are taught how to care for these pets. Caring and cleaning of cat units is very time consuming so your cat has a lot of contact with our staff every day.

How much attention does my dog get whilst boarding?

As we are also a training centre there are staff down at the kennels most of the day with the dog, so they get a lot of contact with us. They are also let out into the grass runs three times a day.

Is training cruel?

All training should be rewarding for the dog. There must be 90-95% positive stimuli and 5-10% negative stimuli – this is the only way the dog can learn the difference between right and wrong. Training is all about building your dog’s confidence, even with a dog that misbehaves the trick is to build confidence and trust and maintain leadership by being kind.

My dog climbs and jumps – can it get out of the kennel?

The kennel area is completely fenced with 2 meter colorbond fencing. The kennel units are also contained within a fully covered roof area. When the dogs are in the runs, they are supervised at all times so there is no chance of escaping.

What if my dog still misbehaves after training?

We guarantee all our obedience and protection work. We also give you a lifetime of training free for the rest of your dog’s life to make sure we can help you maintain control and keep your pet’s good behaviour going strong.

What size run and kennel should I have for my dog?

Depending on the size of your do, the average size run should be 2.5m x 4.5m x 1.8m high, with a fully dog proof top and bottom (concrete strip around the bottom so the dog can’t dig out, wire over the top so he can’t climb or jump over and no other dogs can get in). Your dog also needs shade so a portion of the roof should be covered in a material that deflects heat.

Is there any reason you wont except my pet

For health safety and liability reasons we wont except human aggressive or UN-vaccinated pets in to our facility also pets with flue like symptoms or a cough. Over holiday times we also cant except animal aggressive pets.  This is for the saftey of our staff and other pets staying with us.

My Dog is animal aggressive in Training

If your dog is animal aggressive and is joining group training you must purchase a box muzzle. We need to keep all pets and clients safe. Also to keep client confidence level stable.